Thursday, December 6, 2012

Typing Education Essays

IWBAT type my expository essay about why education is important to me.

1. After we check homework, you will type the theme of the poem ("Birdsong," Anonymous, 1941) into a discussion forum in Google moderator, like we did yesterday.
  • Click here to enter the discussion forum.
  • Remember, only enter your first name and CA (for nickname and location).
  • You can use what you wrote for #12 on your homework, or you can revise your idea after our group discussion.
  • After you submit your idea for the theme, you should vote on others' ideas.

2. Today, our focus is typing the education essays that you wrote over Thanksgiving break so that you can  revise, edit, and publish in English class tomorrow.
  • Open Google Drive (or Google docs).
  • Create a new document. (Click Create, then Document).
  • Title your document "Why Education Is Important to Me."
  • Set the font to Times New Roman and font size as 12. Leave the text black.
  • Be sure to indent each paragraph using the TAB key.
  • You can skip one line between paragraphs, if you wish.

3. If you finish early, you may either read an independent reading book, or you may read additional poems written by children at the Terezin concentration camp:

4. UC Irvine: Take this introduction survey.

Homework: Holocaust Poetry #3

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