Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holocaust Poetry: Part 1

Flowers and a Butterfly -- a painting by Dorit Weiser,
a girl in the Terezin (Theresienstadt) ghetto.
Weiser was born in 1932 and perished in 1944
in the Auschwitz camp.
1. IWBAT analyze poetry written by children living in the Czech concentration camp called Terezin.
2. IWBAT type my response paragraph that describes how Jewish prisoners changed in the Nazi concentration camps.


1. When everyone in your group is reading silently, Mr. T will dismiss your table to retrieve your Chromebooks. Remember to use two hands!

2. When you have your Chromebook, you will open Google Drive and start or continue typing your response paragraph from last Friday. You will only have about 10 minutes to type. When you are finished, title your paragraph "Changing in the Concentration Camps."
  • If you did not yet start typing: Open Google Drive. Click the red CREATE button and select Document. Then, you may begin typing. Indent your paragraph using the TAB key (don't use the space bar!).
3. Track Mr. T's PowerPoint presentation about Terezin, as you take notes on your classwork paper:

  • If we have enough time, we will watch a short video about a woman who survived Terezin as a child: 
  • This is another video that shows footage of what Terezin looks like today (ignore the corny music):

4. Read the selection of poems on your classwork. Each of these was written by a child imprisoned at the Terezin concentration camp. As you read and analyze the poems, you will complete a Google form.

5. If you finish early, finish typing your response paragraph. If you are done, read silently.

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