Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Response to Literature: Introduction and Conclusion

1. IWBAT identify the different parts of an expository essay and explain the purpose of each.
2. IWBAT write effective hooks that grab the attention of the reader.
3. IWBAT plan and organize my ideas for my introduction and conclusion paragraphs of my expository response to literature.

Key Points:
A hook grabs the reader's
attention at the start of an essay.
1. An expository essay consists of the following parts:
  • introduction: introduces the main argument
    • hook: grabs the reader's attention; make it strong and concise
    • thesis: main argument about what you're writing
    • preview key points that support your thesis
  • body: each body paragraph states and explains one key point (with supporting evidence / examples) to support the thesis
  • conclusion: summarizes the essay
    • thesis: restate your main argument with new words
    • review key points to restate your most important evidence
    • zinger (exit hook): leave the reader with something to remember
2. Hooks are used to grab the attention of the reader at the beginning of the essay and keep the reader thinking at the end of the essay. There are several effective types:
  • ask a question: Ask a question that makes the reader agree with you and/or understand your situation.  Make sure you write a question that would make your reader want to read on to learn the answer. (How would you feel if…? / Have you ever…?)
  • tell a story: Tell a story using descriptive language to allow the reader to understand your situation better.  It should be brief and connected to your topic, and it should create an emotional response (angry, sad, excited, happy) in your reader. (Imagine if...)
  • reveal a bold statement or statistic: Write a bold statement or attention-grabbing statistic that is relevant to your topic and reveals something that you reader would want to read more about.


1. Track Mr. T and complete notes to list and explain the various parts of an expository essay on page 1 of this paper classwork form.

2. Write three different types of hooks that you could use in your essay (on page 2 of your classwork). Then, select the best one to use to begin your essay.

3. Use the graphic organizers on pp. 3-4 of your classwork to plan and organize the ideas for your introduction and conclusion paragraphs for your essay.

Homework: Holocaust Poetry #4

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