Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Analyzing a Newspaper Article

1. IWBAT identify the textual features of a newspaper article.
2. IWBAT use textual evidence to justify my opinions about a newspaper article.

1. Follow Mr. T's directions to grade a partner's vocabulary exercises in the winter break packet.

2. Read a newspaper article from the Chicago Tribune about the death of Eric Morse.

3. Review the following nonfiction textual features:

  • flag: the title of a newspaper or magazine appears at the top of the front page
  • headline: the title of an article
  • subtitle: an extended version of the title; tells what the article will be about (in greater detail than the headline); usually smaller text underneath the headline
  • subhead: the title of a new section of an article
  • byline: the name of the person who wrote an article (like an author for a book)
  • dateline: shows the location (city or country) where the article was written
  • sidebar: a short article or graph that appears in a box next to an article; usually explains or gives more information about the related article
  • caption: goes with a photo and explains something about the photo
  • photo credit: tells the name of the person who took the photo

*Note,  not all of nonfiction textual features are located on the image above.

4. Identify nonfiction textual features of the newspaper article on an online quiz: click here.

5. Answer the analysis questions on the following classwork activity:

6. If you finish early:
  • read another, more recent article about Eric Morse: click here
  • type your photo writing assignment (part of your winter break project) by creating a new document in Google Drive

Homework: Nonfiction Text Features

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