Friday, February 15, 2013

Nonfiction Genres

IWBAT classify nonfiction articles by genre.

The following tasks are outlined on the paper classwork, which you can view here.
  1. Expert Group: Meet with your expert group to read about and discuss your assigned nonfiction genre. Complete your Expert Sheet and read the Teaching Tips.
  2. Base Group: Meet with your base (table) group to present your assigned nonfiction genre and take notes while your teammates present their assigned nonfiction genres.
  3. Applying Your Knowledge: With your base group, classify a set of nonfiction articles, labeled A through K, into the nonfiction genres you just learned about. Mr. T will help you check your answers.
  4. Assess Your Knowledge: Finally, take the exit slip at the end of class to assess your knowledge.

Homework: The Hunger Games Analysis Questions: Chapters 1-4

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