Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Influence of Setting on Conflict in The Hunger Games

IWBAT analyze the influence of the setting on the conflicts in The Hunger Games.

1. Do Now: Subject/Verb Agreement with Indefinite Pronouns

2. Panem: You will search Google for "Panem" and research answers to the following questions. Be sure to copy and paste the website link that you use (to cite your source).

3. The Districts: Go to this website to view a map of Panem and the 12 Districts. Then, select 6 of the Districts in Panem. Describe the location of five of the Districts and how this setting (location) influences the District (what it produces, what life is like, etc.).

If you finish early:
  • Get help or more practice: Complete the activities in the Do Now (Task #1).
  • Watch a corny video: If you have your own headphones, you can watch a video with a song of the indefinite pronouns: Click Here
  • TeenBiz3000: Complete today's activity on TeenBiz

Homework: The Influence of the Setting in The Hunger Games

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