Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Transition Words & Phrases - Part 1

Aim: IWBAT use transitional words and phrases, in order to help the writing flow smoothly from one idea to another.
If you don't use transitions in your writing,
your reader will become confused,
and your message may be unclear.

1. Do Now: Practice with transition words and phrases.
  • Click here to go to an interactive transitions activity.
  • Drag the best transition word/phrase to the beginning of the second half of the sentence, to make the ideas flow smoothly between both parts of the sentence.
  • If you finish early, start an activity on TeenBiz3000.
  • While you log in to your computer, Mr. T will show you a fun video introducing transitions.

2. Video: Watch a quick video that introduces and explains how to use basic transitions in writing.

3. Notes: Take notes on your reference sheet as Mr. T introduces transition words and phrases.
  • A transition is a change. It connects two things.
  • In writing, transitions help connect ideas so that the reader can better understand the ideas.
  • How to use transitions:
    1. Decide what relationship that information has to what you’ve already written.
    2. Choose the appropriate transition and add it to the beginning of the new information you’re adding to your essay.
    3. Read the information you’re adding to the essay (or piece of writing).

4. Practice: You will practice using the transition words/phrases--first on the backside of your reference sheet and second on Socrative.

Homework: Complete the second page of your reference sheet, to practice transition words/phrases and fictional genres.

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