Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Replaying Our Favorite Book Scenes

Check out our Xtranormal videos that replay scenes from books that we've read this year:

The Outsiders: Greasers vs. Socs
by: Dammian and Manny

The Outsiders: The Killing of a Soc
by: Destiny and Tre'onna

The Hunger Games: Thresh Lets Katniss Go
by: Maryanne and Tamia

The Hunger Games: Katniss Sings to Rue
by: Angela and Keyli

Becoming Naomi Leon: Classmate Teases Naomi Over Her Name
by: Valerio and Louie

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: Percy and Nancy at the Water Fountain
by: Jeremiah

Our America: LeAlan Interviews His SisterJanelle
by: Shaela and Myra

Chu Ju's House: Chu Ju and Ling
by: Isabella and Imani

Monster: Steve and O'Brien
by: Zykeill and Nia

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