Tuesday, July 23, 2013

KBA Google Apps Training

Aims: Participants will be able to use Google Apps in meaningful ways to increase efficiency, collaboration and engagement. More specifically, participants will be able to:
  • Gmail: Add links, mark priority, change subject lines in messages, and create an email signature.
  • Gmail: Manage the inbox by using labels, folders, and filters and creating new contact groups.
  • Calendars: Create and share a calendar with a colleague.
  • Drive: Access Google Drive; create docs, sheets, and slides; and transfer existing files to it.
  • Drive: Collaborate with colleagues by sharing files/folders and commenting on colleagues' files.
  • Forms: Create and customize forms to deliver surveys, quizzes, and feedback.
  • Forms: Collect, view, and share form responses.
  • And Beyond! Provide feedback regarding priorities for future technology-related PD.
  1. Do Now (5 minutes)
  2. Session Overview & Tool Preview (10 minutes)
  3. GMail (20 minutes)
  4. Calendars (10 minutes)
  5. Drive (30 minutes)
  6. Forms (10 minutes)
  7. Close-Out (5 minutes)

Please note:  BT will determine the pacing of this session based on participants' comfortability and feedback with the content and tasks. Throughout the training (and afterwards), you can refer to the Google Apps Reference Guide, which contains detailed and illustrated step-by-step instructions for using each app, and the PowerPoint presentation.

Also note:  If at any time you have unanswered questions, please add them to the parking lot. We will address these questions/concerns at the end of the session or a later time.



1. Do Now: Complete this survey.

2. Pulse Check: Open Socrative. Enter the room number kba and click Join Room.

3a. Gmail: Email Like a Champion!
  • Mild
    • Respond to BT's email entitled "Email Like a Champion"
    • Write a one-sentence message (saying whatever you wish!)
    • Attach a file to the message (it can anything--the easiest thing to find!)
    • Send the message to BT (bryan.twarek@kippbayview.org)
  • Medium
    • Complete all of the mild tasks, plus:
    • Add a link to your message
    • Change the subject line of your response (make it creative!)
    • Format your signature (you can copy and paste the ones from BT or Kerianne's emails)
  • Spicy
    • Complete all of the mild and medium tasks, plus:
    • Add a photo/image into the body of the message
    • Change the formatting of the text: the color, font, size, style, bulleted/numbered lists
    • Super picante! Add an email delivery delay, so you can undo a prematurely sent email

3b. Gmail: Manage Your Inbox
  • Mild:
    • Create a contact group for communicating with all KBA staff using the information in this spreadsheet containing (some of the) results from the opening survey
  • Medium:
    • Complete the mild task, plus:
    • Create labels/folders for sorting your mail (consider: grade level team, department, whole staff PD, technology, content classes, homeroom, personal, etc.)
  • Spicy:
    • Complete the mild and medium tasks, plus:
    • Create a filter to automatically sort incoming messages into a folder (consider sorting emails containing "tech" or "technology" to a folder)

4. Create a Google Calendar
  • Mild:
    • Create a classroom calendar (for your content area class).
    • Create an event (or assignment/test) in your calendar.
  • Medium:
    • Complete the mild tasks, plus:
    • Share your calendar with a colleague or your manager.
    • Color code your calendar.
    • Change the time, place, or title of your event.
  • Spicy:
    • Complete the medium tasks, plus:
    • Create additional calendars (and color code them).
    • Add an interesting preexisting calendar to your account.
    • Super picante! Embed your calendar into a website or blog.

5a. Collaborate Using Google Drive
  1. Create a new document.
  2. Title the document "My Dream Paycheck."
  3. In 1-2 paragraphs, describe your ideal vision for students' paychecks at KBA.
    • Consider: what paychecks look like, how students earn/lose money, how students receive paychecks, how students spend paycheck money... Be creative! Dream big!
  4. Share your document with a colleague (in a partnership or trio).
  5. Read a colleague's document and make about two comments on his/her work.
  6. Extension:
    1. With your pair/trio, create a second document entitled "Our Dream Paycheck."
    2. Share the document (with editing access) to all members of your small group.
    3. Working on separate computers but on the same document at the same time, collaboratively incorporate all teammates' best ideas into one unified vision.
    4. Share your document with Kerianne and BT (to help us revamp the paycheck system!).
View how BT uses a similar process in his classroom for student revision here.

5b. Organize Your Google Drive (if time allows)
  • Mild:
    • Create folders to organize your (future) files.
    • File "My Dream Paycheck," "Our Dream Paycheck," and other documents you have into these folders.
  • Medium:
    • Complete the mild activities, plus:
    • Download and install the Google Drive application for your computer.
    • Upload important (existing) files to your Google Drive, or organize files into your Google Drive using the desktop application.
    • Use the star function to bookmark frequently used documents.
  • Spicy:
    • Complete the medium activities, plus:
    • Share a folder with a colleague or manager, specifying whether you want him/her have the ability to view, comment, or edit the contents.
    • Add a hyperlink to "My Dream Paycheck" inside the "Our Dream Paycheck" file.
    • File the documents from Kerianne's recent PD email into a folder designated for PD.
    • Download the Google Drive app for your iPhone, Android, or smart phone.

6. Create a Classroom Survey Using Google Forms
  • Mild:
    • Create a form to collect students' names, email addresses, and homerooms (with a drop-down list or multiple-choice).
    • Change the theme of your form.
  • Medium:
    • Complete the mild tasks, plus:
    • Require students to use their @kippbayarea.org accounts to access the form, and automatically collect their usernames when they respond.
    • Collect additional information from students, including their best contact number, favorite things, and other interesting stuff you'd like to know about them.
    • Share your form with a colleague, have him/her take it, and view the results.
  • Spicy:
    • Add another page to your form.
    • Add a scale, grid, or other type of question to your form.
    • Change the message on the confirmation page (when students complete the form).
    • Super picante! Embed the form into an email, website, or blog.

7. Exit Slip: Complete this survey.

8. Close-Out

Finished Early? Try these Extension Activities!

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