Thursday, September 19, 2013

Static and Dynamic Characters in The Outsiders

1. IWBAT identify aha moments in Chapter 7 of The Outsiders.
2. IWBAT define and identify static and dynamic characters in The Outsiders.
dynamic: changes (in a big way)

static: stays the same

1. Do Now: There/Their/They're Homophones Review

2. Homework Check

3. Review  & Chapter 6 Exit Slip: Aha Moments

4. Mini-Lesson: Static & Dynamic Characters

STATIC: Which characters stay the same throughout the story? 
DYNAMIC: Which characters change (in a big way) during the story?

5. The Outsiders: Chapter 7 (pp. 100-118)

  • mourning (noun, p. 104): the feeling of deep sorrow or regret
  • outcast (noun, p. 113): a person who has been rejected by society or a social group

6. Exit Ticket:

Homework: Chapter 7

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