Thursday, October 24, 2013

La Noche de los Rabanos

1. IWBAT determine the main idea of "La Noche de los Rabanos" and how it is conveyed through particular details.
2. IWBAT provide a summary of the text distinct from personal judgments or judgments.

1. Do Now: capitalization review #2 (remember, quiz tomorrow!)

2. Homework Check & Share

3. Read Chapter 13 (pp. 154-166)

4. Watch an Introductory Video (or two)

5. Read "La Noche de los Rabanos"

6. Determine the Gist of Each Paragraph: write it in the margin

7. Summarize the Article in One Paragraph

Homework: The Night of the Radishes

Want More?!
  • Read an NPR article here
  • Read another article here
  • Watch a video (or two)

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