Monday, January 27, 2014

Laogai - Part 2

Aim: IWBAT prepare a factual summary with relevant facts from a newspaper article about the Chinese laogai, in order to present to a small discussion group in class tomorrow.

1. Do Now: punctuation in sentences (quiz on Wednesday!)

2. Homework Check

3. Read Chu Ju's House Chapters 9-10: pp. 165-197

4. Read a Newspaper Article: Read a newspaper article of your choice (A, B, C, D, or E) about the Chinese laogai: Click Here
  • While reading, highlight or underline the most important parts.
  • Annotate by adding a ! next to surprising information and a ? where you have questions.
5. Meet with Expert Group: Meet with your expert group, teammates who are reading and analyzing the same article. In your expert groups, you will complete the following on your classwork sheet:
  • Summarize what the article is about
  • Identify the most important facts of the article
  • Classify facts from the article as giving information about China, the laogai system, or conditions in the reeducation centers

Learn More About the Laogai:

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