Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Laogai - Part 3

Aim: IWBAT present a factual summary with relevant facts from a newspaper article about the Chinese laogai to my small discussion group.

1. Do Now: punctuation in sentences (quiz tomorrow!)

2. Homework Check

3. Read Chu Ju's House Chapter 11: pp. 199-212

4. Reread Your Newspaper Article (& Summary): Read a newspaper article of your choice (A, B, C, D, or E) about the Chinese laogai: Click Here
  • While reading, highlight or underline the most important parts.
  • Annotate by adding a ! next to surprising information and a ? where you have questions.

5. Meet with Expert Group: Meet with your expert group, teammates who are reading and analyzing the same article. In your expert groups, you will complete the following on your classwork sheet:
  • Summarize what the article is about
  • Identify the most important facts of the article
  • Classify facts from the article as giving information about China, the laogai system, or conditions in the reeducation centers

6. Present to Table Group: Present a summary of your article and the most significant facts to your table group. Your teammates will take notes during your presentation. During your teammates' presentations, you will take notes.
  • If you finish early, read through the laogai fact sheet and discuss:
    • what information is new to you
    • what information surprises you
    • what information you have questions about

7. Group Reflection Complete a reflection of the group work you completed today. 

8. Generate Discussion Questions: On Google Moderator, write 2-3 discussion questions to discuss in class today.
  • After you have written a few questions, vote on the questions you like the most. Remember, these questions must be appropriate for an interesting discussion in class.

9. Online Discussion: Open your homeroom's chatroom on Today's Meet: Pomona / Dartmouth / MSU. We will discuss your questions and the following:
  • Why does the Chinese government use the laogai system?
  • Is the laogai system fair? Why or why not?
  • In Chu Ju's House, why does the government punish people (like the woman's son-in-law and Ling) for "speaking the truth?" What is "speaking the truth?"
When responding to your teammates, you should use these college-bound conversation starters:
    • Ways to agree:
      • I agree with ____ because ____.
      • I was also thinking ____ because ____.
      • At first I thought ____, but now I think ____.
    • Ways to disagree:
      • I disagree with ____ because ____.
      • I would argue ____ because ____.
      • I have a different opinion because ____.
    • Clarifying your understanding:
      • I became confused when you said ____.
      • I understand ____, but can you clarify when you said ____?
      • In other words, are you saying ____?
    • Asking a question:
      • What do you mean when you said ____?
      • Do you think that ____?
      • Why do you think that ____?
    • Making a connection:
      • I have a connection between ____ and ____.
      • This reminds me of ____ because ____.
      • This is similar to ____ because ____. 

10. Exit Slip: Complete an exit ticket on Socrative to explain what you learned today and this week.

Learn More About the Laogai:

Homework: Correcting Run-ons + study for your quiz tomorrow!

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