Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Monster: Chapter 1

1. IWBAT identify the theme of Ntozake Shange's poem.
2. IWBAT defend my opinion in group discussions.
3. IWBAT cite textual evidence to support my claims.

1. Do Now: review punctuation in sentences

2. Homework Check: "One Thing I Don't Need" by Ntozake Shange
  • On Google Moderator, write what you think the theme of this poem is.
  • Then, vote on other students' responses by clicking the check (great!) or X (not so great).

3. Felony Murder:
  • Read this scenario: 
Maria is a sophomore student at City Arts and Technology High School (CAT). She has a brand new iPad Mini and Beats. At school, she brags about this and tells many of her friends that her room is so great now that she has this iPad to listen to whenever she likes. 
Chris is another high school student who has neither an iPad nor Beats. He is jealous of Maria’s stereo system and decides to break into her house and steal it from her bedroom. Since he does not have a car, he asks his friend Javon to participate in the robbery by being the driver and lookout person. 
Javon has a car and agrees to help Chris steal the stereo system from Maria’s house. During the robbery, Javon will stay in the car at all times and honk to warn Chris if there are any problems. 
One night while Maria is sleeping in her bedroom, Javon drives Chris to Maria’s house. Her bedroom is on the second floor of the house, so Chris has to climb a ladder to break in through her window. Javon waits in the car. 
While in Maria’s bedroom, Chris trips in the dark and wakes Maria up. Chris tries to rush out the window with the iPad and headphones, but Maria tries to stop him. They briefly wrestle in front of the window, and Maria accidentally falls out of the window. Chris leaves everything in Maria’s room and hurries down the ladder. He feels bad since he didn’t mean for Maria to get hurt. Chris runs to the car, and Javon, who is also very upset, drives them away. 
The next day, the two boys find out that Maria died when she fell out of the window.

    1. What consequence should Chris receive?
    2. What consequence should Javon receive?
    3. Both boys are 16 years old. Does their age affect your decision?

  • Remember these criteria for success:
    1. We will all participate equally.
    2. We will talk only about English to only our group members.
    3. We will respond to one another with college-bound conversation.

4. Anticipation Questions: More Discussion!  (Socrative)

5. Read Monster: pp. 1-28 (0:20-18:16)

6. Exit Slip: Citing Textual Evidence to Support Claims

Homework: Slam!

Walter Dean Myers' Message: Reading is not optional!

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