Wednesday, March 12, 2014

S/V Agreement with Indefinite Pronouns Practice, THG Chapter 12

Aims: IWBAT edit sentences to ensure that verbs agree with subjects that include indefinite pronouns.

Everybody and everything are indefinite pronouns.
1. Do Now: Subject/Verb Agreement with Indefinite Pronouns:
  • For sentences, type the verb (exactly!) that correctly agrees with the subject.
  • For indefinite pronouns, type singularplural, or depends, to indicate whether the indefinite pronoun is always singular, always plural, or is a wishie-washie (it depends on the prepositional phrase that follows the pronoun).
  • If you finish going through all 53 cards, you may change the study mode (in the bottom right corner of the Quizlet box) and continue practicing.

2. Homework CheckIndefinite Pronouns #2

3. Read The Hunger Games: Chapter 12 -- pp. 160-170 (audiobook part 1 -- 4:49:12 to 5:08:18)

Homework: The Hunger Games Chapters 6-12 Analysis

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Check out the Katniss Chronicles!
(the audio drama adapted from The Hunger Games)

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