Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Transitions - Part 6

IWBAT revise my writing by adding transition words and phrases, in order to help writing flow more smoothly from one idea to another.

1. Do Now: Quill.org assigned activity (due 3/26)
  • Use your AR username and password to log in.
  • When you are finished with both of your assigned activities, proceed to the transition practice activities in Task #2 below.

2. Transitions Practice: Complete the following self-directed practice exercises to review transition words and phrases. You may complete the activities in any order.
  • A: Take a transition words practice test: Click Here
  • B: Take another transitions practice test: Click Here
  • C: Take another transitions practice test: Click Here
  • D: Practice sequencing and adding transitions: Click Here
  • E: Practice your paragraph unity and coherence skills: Mild / Medium / Spicy!
  • F: Complete cause and effect transitions practice exercises: Click Here
  • G: Drag and drop transitions to their grouping/type: Click Here
  • H: Practice adding transitions to writing: Click Here
  • I: Practice adding transitions to writing: Click Here

3. Homework Check: Prepositions & Compound Sentences

4. Revising Your Writing: You will briefly watch as Mr. T demonstrates how to revise writing to add or improve transitions, before getting to work yourself. Then, you will open a writing project (your education essay) from your Google Drive and revise for transitions--to add or improve transitions in your writing. You will highlight your changes and then submit your work in the form below:

5. Read The Hunger Games: Chapter 21 -- pp. 274-285 (audiobook part 2 -- 2:44:43 to 3:08:42)

HomeworkThe Hunger Games Advertisement Project (due after spring break)

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