Monday, April 21, 2014

Introduction to The Lightning Thief

IWBAT predict what will happen in selected chapters of The Lightning Thief.

1. Do Now (8 minutes)Quill updated this weekend and is not working correctly: instead, complete this simple verb tense review:
  • Part 1: Tackling Tenses: Identify whether the sentence is written in the simple past, simple present, or simple future tense: Click Here
  • Part 2: Irregular Past Tense Verbs: Play this game by yourself (a 1-player game). For each sentence or question, type in the correct past tense irregular verb form: Click Here

2. Homework Check (5 minutes): review answers to "The Adventures of Perseus"

3. Think About It (5 minutes): Connect to the story by freewriting -- view classwork here

4. Previewing the Text (10 minutes): Analyze the front and back sides of the book. Then answer some questions to preview the text and make predictions about the plot.

5. Watch Trailer for The Lightning Thief movie (3 minutes):

6. Readers' Theater (20 minutes): In groups of 6-9, read a play to preview the events of Chapter 1 of The Lightning Thief.

7. Read The Lightning Thief (25 minutes): Chapter 1: pp. 1-15
(audiobook: Part 1, 0:09 to 22:49)

8. Exit Slip (5 minutes): Read through the table of contents and predict what will happen in two selected chapters of The Lightning Thief.

9. Close-Out (5 minutes):
  • Pass in classwork from today.
  • Clean up classroom.
  • Complete agenda: "Lionfish on the Loose".
  • Receive TFK and homework.
  • Assign yourself silently until the next class begins.

Today's Homework: "Lionfish on the Loose" (TFK)

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