Monday, May 5, 2014

Greek Gods Research Project - Intro

IWBAT list and describe characteristics of the major Greek gods and goddesses.
IWBAT explain the requirements of my research project and select a Greek god/goddess to research.

Can you identify the different Olympians?
Check your answers here.

1. Homework Check (5 minutes): "All Together Now" (TFK)

2. Read The Lightning Thief (35 minutes):

3. (10 minutes): complete the lesson due today (May 5th)

4. The Major Greek Gods & Goddesses:
5. Review Characteristics of Major Gods: share research with class and fill in any missing details on your graphic organizer

6. Overview of Research Project: learn all about your research project and then get started!
Over the next few weeks, you will complete a research project on the Greek god or goddess of your choice, to supplement what you’ve been learning about in your social studies and English classes. There will be three main components to the project: (1) the research, (2) the 7-paragraph report, and (3) the project. 
You may choose any one of the 16 options or another god of your choice, but it is up to you to conduct the research on your own. If you choose a lesser-known god, it will be more challenging to find information.

Regardless of your decision, you must document (or cite) where you get ALL of the information that you include in your report. Do not make any information up, and do not use information from your head or another person. This is an informational report, and the information about the god must be completely accurate. In addition, you cannot copy another author’s writing into your report, so you must paraphrase the ideas you read in your resources. Copying or not citing your sources is plagiarism and will not be tolerated. 
All sixth grade students must complete the project; this assignment will be the largest grade of the fourth quarter and count as a test/project grade. Make sure you write carefully and thoughtfully, as I will be scoring: completeness, organization, use of grammar and style, accuracy of information, and creativity (see the rubric). You will type your report on Google Drive, including a cover page and bibliography (list of sources). 
After you complete your research report, you will be able to choose a way to present the information you have learned to your teammates, in a way that is similar to your animal research projects in science. You will complete the majority of your project during English classes, but it is your responsibility to stay on-track with the schedule below, which will require some work during study hall and/or at home.

Task(s) to Complete
Monday, May 5th
Select topic for project.
Tuesday, May 6th
Conduct research.
Monday, May 12th
Conduct research.
Tuesday, May 13th
Conduct research.
Wednesday, May 14th
Conduct research
Thursday, May 15th
Compose report.
Friday May 16th
Compose report.
Monday, May 19th
Compose report.
Tuesday, May 20th
Revise/edit report.
Wednesday, May 21st
Finish project.
Thursday, May 22nd
Present projects.
Friday, May 23rd
Present projects.

Research Sources: The following are credible sources for researching your Greek god/goddess:
A.    Encyclopedia Britannica: (username: kippbayview, password: ligers)
F.     MythWeb:
G.    Theoi Greek Mythology:
H.    Mythography:
I.      Myths and Legends of the World at
L.     Ancient Greek Gods for Kids:

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