Thursday, May 22, 2014

Greek Gods Research Report - Presentations, Part 1

  1. IWBAT present factual information about my Greek god/goddess to my teammates.
  2. IWBAT evaluate my teammates' presentations as: (1) informative, (2) creative, (3) thoughtful and professional, and (4) easy to hear.
Reports and Projects are due today!

1. Read The Lightning Thief:
  • Chapter 18: "Annabeth does obedience school" -- pp. 283-299
  • audiobook: Part 7 -- 43:24 to 1:07:17 AND Part 8 -- 0:00 to 2:04 (about 26 minutes)

2. complete the lesson(s) due this week, from May 19th through May 23rd

Finished Early? You may:

Research Sources: The following are credible sources for researching your Greek god/goddess:
A.    Encyclopedia Britannica: (username: kippbayview, password: ligers)
B.    Encyclopedia Mythica:
C.     The British Museum:
F.     MythWeb:
G.    Theoi Greek Mythology:
H.    Mythography:
I.      Myths and Legends of the World at
L.     Ancient Greek Gods for Kids:

This Week's Homeworkyour Greek gods project -- due today! -- no extra homework tonight
  • Create a creative way to display information about your Greek god/goddess. Some ideas include:
    • video
    • poster, collage, or storyboard
    • slideshow presentation
    • flipboard
    • brochure
    • diorama
    • skit
    • song or rap
    • webpage
    • children's book / comic book / graphic novel
    • map or timeline
    • something else! use your imagination!
  • Here are some guidelines:
    • You should teach us many facts about your god/goddess in your presentation.
    • Your presentation should last 1-2 minutes (no more, no less).
      • half will present on Thursday, half on Friday
    • You must have something to turn in.
  • Your presentation must be: (this is how you'll be graded)
    • informative
    • creative
    • thoughtful and professional
    • easy to understand

This Week's Schedule:
  • Monday: create bibliography, update cover page, start projects
  • Tuesday: revise/edit report, continue projects
  • Wednesday: revise/edit report, finish projects
  • Thursday: reports due, project presentations - part 1
  • Friday: project-presentations - part 2

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