Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Preparing for the Quarter 2 Benchmark

IWBAT prepare for my second quarter English-language arts benchmark assessment:
  • use context clues to determine the meaning of unknown words
  • identify the fictional genre of books and stories 
  • use commas and semicolons correctly in a variety of sentence structures
  • use correct capitalization
  • spell frequently misspelled words correctly
  • identify simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences
  • use information from a nonfiction text (Our America) to correctly answer other vocabulary, reading comprehension, and literary analysis questions

Yes, you do have your benchmark assessment tomorrow.
No, your dog cannot take it for you.

But, don't worry!
It's not something you can study for,
so get rest, eat a good breakfast, and try your hardest.

Knowing how hard you've worked this year, you will do great!


1. Practice determining the meanings of words by using context clues.
    • If you'd prefer to review a different way, you can also the click the Choose a Study Mode drop-down menu above and select Flashcards.

    2. Practice identifying the fictional genre of stories and books.
    • Type in the correct fictional genre to match the definition and example. Note, spelling counts, so type in the word or phrase carefully.
      • Choices include:
        • fantasy
        • historical fiction
        • mystery
        • realistic fiction
        • science fiction
      • Study the deck of flashcards two times.
      • Then, you may use a different study mode (including game or space race) by selecting it from the  Choose a Study Mode drop-down menu.
    • Using Socractive, answer some analysis questions based on this poem. 
      • Type in room number kba. Click Join Room.
      • For each question, select the fictional genre of the book, story, or excerpt.

    3. Decide which skills you need to practice most and complete your choice of the following activities:
    • Capitalization
      • Click here to play a Rock, Paper, Scissors capitalization review. Click Play. Select a difficulty level. Then, answer the capitalization question. If you are correct, you will play a match of rock, paper, scissors. Select which of these you will throw. If you beat your opponent, you keep playing; if you lose, you must answer another question correctly before replaying.
    • Spelling (homophones)
      • Click here to play a homophones game. Click Start. Then for each image, click on the correct spelling of the word.
    • Punctuation
      • Click here to take a quiz on the proper use of commas and semicolons in a variety of sentence types.
    • Sentence structure
      • Play this sentence sort game by clicking here. In this game, you first spin a wheel and then answer a question by identifying the sentence type. If you answer correctly, you move the number of spaces that you spun. Your goal is to get the fox to cross all the way across the park.
      • Play Rags to Riches by clicking here. Rags to Riches is like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. In this game, you will try to earn $1,000,000 by answering questions. If you get one wrong, you lose all your money, so answer carefully! You may use up to three hints during the game.

    4. Participate in the Our America group challenge to review a variety of skills using passages and content from our current class text, Our America.
    • Go to Socractive.
    • Type in room number kba. Click Join Room.
    • For each question, select the fictional genre of the book, story, or excerpt.
    • After you answer, your table will briefly discuss which is the correct answer.
    • One person will be randomly selected. If this person can explain which is the correct answer and why, his/her table will receive a bonus point.

    Homework: Don't Give Up (poetry analysis), Our America film screening permission form (optional)

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