Tuesday, January 22, 2013

China's One-Child Policy

Today's Aim:
IWBAT explain what China's one-child policy is and why it was enacted.

Extended Aim:
IWBAT evaluate whether the one-child policy in China is a fair and effective means to reduce the Chinese population.


1. Answer this quick discussion question on Google Moderator: How would your life be different if you lived in China?
  • After you submit your response, vote on other students' responses to the prompt.

2. Read a nonfiction article called "One Child Policy--Too Many in the Family?"

3. Watch these videos about the one-child policy. (Note, Mr. T will play them on the screen; please don't open the links during class.)
  • Video #1: "One-Child Policy: China"
  • Video #2: "China's one-child policy creates massive gender imbalance"

4. Respond to questions about the article and the video(s) on the following form. Be sure to submit the form when you are finished.

Homework: My Overpopulation Solution

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