Friday, February 8, 2013

Laogai - Part 4

IWBAT respond to class-generated topics and questions about the Chinese reeducation through labor (laogai) policy on an online discussion board.

1. Take your weekly skills quiz #22 on Socrative (room number kba).
  • If you finish early, read this fact sheet about the laogai system or go on TeenBiz3000.

2. Track the screen as you watch short videos with additional information about the Chinese reeducation through labor camps:
  • China's failure to reform 're-education' camps: click here
  • Footage from a labor camp in China: click here
  • Chinese citizens speak out against China's forced labor system: click here
  • Reeducation through labor prisoner story and public reaction: click here
  • Woman finds hidden letter from Chinese labor camp in a plastic pumpkin: click here

3. On Google Moderator, write 2-3 discussion questions to discuss in class today.
  • After you have written a few questions, vote on the questions you like the most. Remember, these questions must be appropriate for an interesting discussion in class.

4. Open Today's Meet (an online chatroom). We will discuss your questions and the following:
  • Why does the Chinese government use the laogai system?
  • Is the laogai system fair? Why or why not?
  • In Chu Ju's House, why does the government punish people (like the woman's son-in-law and Ling) for "speaking the truth?" What is "speaking the truth?"

    When responding to your teammates, you should use these college-bound conversation starters:
  • Ways to agree:
    • I agree with ____ because ____.
    • I was also thinking ____ because ____.
    • At first I thought ____, but now I think ____.
  • Ways to disagree:
    • I disagree with ____ because ____.
    • I would argue ____ because ____.
    • I have a different opinion because ____.
  • Clarifying your understanding:
    • I became confused when you said ____.
    • I understand ____, but can you clarify when you said ____?
    • In other words, are you saying ____?
  • Asking a question:
    • What do you mean when you said ____?
    • Do you think that ____?
    • Why do you think that ____?
  • Making a connection:
    • I have a connection between ____ and ____.
    • This reminds me of ____ because ____.
    • This is similar to ____ because ____. 

5. Complete an exit ticket on Socrative to explain what you learned today and this week.

Homework: Reviewing Chu Ju's House

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