Thursday, February 7, 2013

Laogai - Part 3

IWBAT present a factual summary and relevant facts from a newspaper article about the Chinese laogai to a small discussion group.

1. Complete a do now to review your weekly skill: subject/verb agreement with prepositions

2. Read a newspaper article of your choice (A, B, C, D, or E) about the Chinese laogai: Click Here
  • While reading, highlight or underline the most important parts.
  • Annotate by adding a ! next to surprising information and a ? where you have questions.

3. Meet with your expert group, teammates who are reading and analyzing the same article. In your expert groups, you will complete the following on your classwork sheet:
  • Summarize what the article is about
  • Identify the most important facts of the article
  • Classify facts from the article as giving information about China, the laogai system, or conditions in the reeducation centers

4. Present a summary of your article and the most significant facts to your table group. Your teammates will take notes during your presentation.

5. Complete a reflection of the group work procedure from today.

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