Thursday, February 28, 2013

Transition Words & Phrases - Part 3

IWBAT revise my writing to include appropriate transitions, in order to help my writing flow smoothly from one idea to another.

1. Do Now: Complete the following self-directed practice exercises to review transition words and phrases. You should move on to the next activity when you feel ready. Please use your time effectively to practice and prepare for your quiz tomorrow.
  • A: Read through this slideshow presentation on transitions to review what you've learned:

  • B: Complete an interactive select-the-transition activity: Click Here
  • C: Play a drag and drop matching game: Click Here
  • D: Complete a more challenging, interactive, fill-in-the-blank practice activity: Click Here
    • Note, you must type in punctuation and capital letters correctly to receive credit for your correct answers. (Hint: You may need to add a semicolon before the transition.)
  • E: Take a transition words practice test: Click Here
  • F: Complete cause and effect transitions practice exercises: Click Here
  • G: If you need more help, view a different reference sheet: Click Here 

2. Check Your Work From Yesterday's Lesson: You will receive your graded gallery walk sheet from yesterday. Review the multiple-choice questions for the ones you missed to help prepare yourself for the quiz tomorrow. We will review the most frequently missed questions together in class.

3. Transitions Relay Writing: Your table group will compete against the other groups in a relay writing contest. Here s how it will work:
  • Open your group's document: Table #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, or #7.
  • The first student will write a sentence about an assigned topic.
    • The other tables will assign your group a silly topic.
  • Then, the next student in line must add a transition word or phrase and a sentence that fits with the transition and the story line.
  • The third student will then add another transition and another sentence that flows with the story, and so on.
  • Teams will continue writing in this fashion, one after another, until time is called.
  • Teams will be judged on (1) proper use of transitions; (2) speed/number of sentences written in sequence, one team member at a time; and (3) creativity.
    • Remember, the story must flow from one sentence to the next, and use of transitions is required in every sentence (except the first).

4. Practice: On Socrative, you will practice selecting the best transition, adding transitions, and writing with transitions.

5. Revising Your Writing: You will briefly watch as Mr. T demonstrates how to revise writing to add or improve transitions, before getting to work yourself. You will open a writing project from your Google Drive and revise for transitions--to add or improve transitions in your writing. You will highlight your changes and then submit your work in the form below:

If you finish early, continue practicing with the activities from the do now (Task #1).

REMEMBER: Your weekly skills quiz is tomorrow! (topics: precise language, transitions)

Homework: Transitions Practice

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