Friday, March 1, 2013

Transitions & Precise Language (& Revising to Improve Transitions)

1. IWBAT demonstrate mastery of:
  • developing the topic with supporting details and precise language that creates a mental movie in the mind of the reader (WS 1.2B).
  • using transitions to help the writing flow smoothly from one idea to another (WS 1.6).
2. IWBAT revise my writing to include appropriate transitions, in order to help my writing flow smoothly from one idea to another.

1. Quiz #25: Take quiz #25 on precise language and transitions. You will then score it using GradeCam to view your performance.

2. Survey: Take this 5-minute survey to give your honest thoughts and opinions about the use of technology in English class: Click  Here

3. TeenBiz3000: When you finish your quiz, read today's lesson on TeenBiz3000 that features an article called "Women in the MIlitary." Your final writing task (the thought question, in step #5) will be scored. Be sure to write a complete paragraph and work carefully. If you finish this activity, complete another activity on TeenBiz3000. You may select the article yourself.

4. Revising Your Writing: You will briefly watch as Mr. T demonstrates how to revise writing to add or improve transitions, before getting to work yourself. You will open a writing project from your Google Drive and revise for transitions--to add or improve transitions in your writing. You will highlight your changes and then submit your work in the form below:

Homework: Today is Dr. Seuss's birthday, and we will celebrate by reading and analyzing one of my favorite books by him: "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

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