Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Conclusions, Supporting Details, Outlines, Oh My!

1. IWBAT determine the main idea of a paragraph, in order to select the strongest concluding statement and choose a strong supporting detail that adds new information.
2. IWBAT clarify my understanding of a report by creating an outline.

No, that's not the purpose of a conclusion
...Well, it sort of is.
The purpose of a conclusion is to SUMMARIZE!
1. Do Now: Commonly Used Foreign Words in English
  • Review the following stack of flash cards to study foreign words that are commonly used in the English language:
  • Change the Study Mode (lower left corner of flashcard applet) to Scatter and drag each definition to the correct term to clear the board as quickly as possible.
  • Finally, play Rags to Riches to review these terms: Click Here 

2. Quick Question: Mr. Anderson wants to write about the beauty of the sunsets he will see in Arizona over spring break. Which form of writing would be most appropriate? Explain why.
  • a science report
  • a poem
  • an outline
  • a short story

3. Review how to select the best conclusion for a text:
  1. Read the text.
  2. Determine the main idea of each paragraph.
  3. Then, determine the main idea of the entire report. (Today we are just focused on individual paragraphs of a report.)
  4. Select the best conclusion (or concluding statement) to wrap up the entire report or paragraph.
    • The conclusion must SUMMARIZE.
    • The conclusion must also flow with what comes right before it.
    • The conclusion should (and usually does) engage the reader--or give the reader something to do or to remember
  5. Finally, check your work by adding this conclusion to the end of the report and rereading the conclusion in context to make sure it sounds right and makes sense.

3. Read a report called "Amazing Animals."
  • This report is located in the Writing Portfolio of your Google Drive.
  • Read each paragraph.
  • Then, select the text of a paragraph and insert a comment (Ctrl+Alt+M) to write the main idea of that paragraph.

4. Create an outline for "Amazing Animals," with one topic and about two supporting details per paragraph. Start your outline on the second page of your Google document.

5. Add Concluding Statements: Answer multiple choice questions to select the best concluding statement of a paragraph: Socrative.

6. Add Supporting Details: Also on Socrative, nswer multiple choice questions to select the best supporting details to add to a paragraph. If you add a sentence to a paragraph, it must add new information, related to the main idea of that paragraph.

7. Write a Conclusion: With Mr. T's help, add a concluding paragraph to the report "Amazing Animals." Your conclusion should summarize the content of the report, it should flow with the writing that comes just before it, and it should engage the reader (leave him with something to do or to remember). You will write your conclusion after the last paragraph of the report, directly in the Google document.

Homework: Hunger Games Advertisement Project (due tomorrow!)

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