Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prewriting: A Testing Disaster (Narrative)

IWBAT brainstorm topic ideas for, prewrite, and draft a creative narrative about a disaster that occurs during standardized testing at school.

1. Brainstorm a list of disasters that could occur during standardized testing: What is the absolute worst thing--though realistic--that could happen while students are testing?

2. Watch a short video about a terrible event that happens during standardized testing. While you are watching, think about:
  • What is the main conflict?
  • How is the conflict resolved?

3. Develop your ideas by talking with a partner. Then, select one disaster or terrible event from your brainstorm list that you will write about in your creative narrative. Think about:
  • What will the main conflict be?
  • Why will this happen?
  • How will it resolve?

4. Develop the setting: Describe the ideal testing environment (perhaps what your teachers would describe at the best conditions for testing) and contrast this with the environment in your story. (That is, how is it or does it become not an ideal environment.)

5. Develop the plot: You've already decided what the central conflict in your story will be. Now, expand the conflict by describing what events will happen before the conflict, during the conflict, and afterwards.

6. Characterization: Your story must have at least one major character, but you may have more than one. For each character, describe his/her role, internal characteristics (personality), and external characteristics (appearance).

Homework: Finish your classwork packet from today, including steps #4, #5, and #6.

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