Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revising: A Testing Disaster (Narrative)

IWBAT revise my narrative, in order to improve my ideas and organization.

1. Do Now: capitalization and punctuation of dialogue:

2. Homework Check & Share: Read and comment on 2-3 teammates' narratives. For each narrative, write at least 1 positive (Something I loved...) and 1 constructive (Something you could improve...) piece of feedback. Remember, you can make comments by clicking Comment in the Insert menu, or you can just click Ctrl + Alt + M.
  • Find links to your teammates' narratives here.

3. Complete Revision Assessment Checklist: 
  • Read through your teammate's narrative carefully. 
  • Then, complete the revision assessment checklist to identify strong and weak parts about the writing. 
  • Please be honest in your assessment! Your teammate will only improve his/her writing if you give feedback that is not all positive. Plus, checking no does not mean the writing is not good; it means it could be even better by changing something. 
  • Afterwards, your partner (the one who wrote the narrative) will select three things to focus on when revising. 
  • Directions for the Revision Checklist:
    • Click Here to open the checklist.
    • Copy everything in the document:
      • Ctrl + A to select all
      • Ctrl + C to copy
    • Open your narrative (A Testing Disaster in the Writing Portfolio of your Google Drive)
    • Scroll down past the prewriting five things table in your document.
    • Press enter to skip down to the next page.
    • Press Ctrl + V to paste the checklist into the end of your document.

4. Revise Your Narrative: Now that you have set your revision priorities, you will use the remaining time in class to improve your writing.
  • You are never finished revising! Continue working to improve things, add interesting details, or remove things that are not important.

Homework: Capitalization and Punctuation of Quotes

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