Monday, April 29, 2013

Drafting: A Testing Disaster (Narrative) - Part 2

1. IWBAT create an interesting opening (hook), in order to grab the reader's attention at the beginning of my creative narrative.
2. IWBAT draft my creative narrative about a major disruption that occurs during testing.

A hook grabs the reader's attention at the start of a piece of writing.
1. Do Now: On Google Moderator, type the beginning (just the beginning!) of a narrative, according to the following prompt:
There is smoke filling the room. Where is it coming from? You investigate and are surprised by what your find. Describe what you discover.

2. Learn about Narrative Hooks:
  • A hook is the beginning or opening of a piece of writing.
  • The purpose of the hook is to grab the reader’s attention and make him/her want to continue reading.
    • It's best to jump right into the story.
    • You can also try to surprise the reader with how you begin.
  • You’ve learned various ways to write hooks for essays, and today, we are going to review two styles of hooks that you could use to begin your short story:
    • SETTING: Giving your reader some sense of time or place in which your story takes place. An easy way to begin is to use the words, “It was...” (but we don’t always have to do this)
      • example: It was a cold December morning… 
      • example: It was 7:30 on October 31st, Halloween day. 
    • CONVERSATION: Beginning with someone talking (direct dialogue) or some kind of other noise/sound.
      • example: “David, you’re going to be late for school!”
      • example: “I can’t believe it’s already time to get up,” I said to myself that morning.
3. Practice Writing Hooks:

4. Finish Drafting Your Creative Narrative: 
  • In the Writing Portfolio of your Google Drive, open A Testing Disaster.
  • NOTE: If you haven't yet completed "the five things" prewriting on the second page of the document (from class on Friday), you should first finish this. You should also be sure to submit your work to Mr. T using the form on Friday's lesson (even if you're just starting)! Click here to return to Friday's lesson.
  • Your main task in class today is to draft your creative narrative. When drafting, be sure to meet these guidelines:
    • narrative begins with a hook
    • plot includes standardized testing and some sort of disruption/disaster/major conflict
    • include 1-3 major characters
    • include dialogue (characters directly speaking to one another)
    • 1-3 typed pages total (please don't change the font, text size, or margins

Finished early? Complete today's activity on TeenBiz3000.

Homework: Finish your rough draft (should be 1-3 typed pages), on Google Drive

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