Tuesday, May 28, 2013


IWBAT compose a biography of a community leader using information gathered in a personal interview.

1. Do Now: Identifying Parts of Speech (a seventh grade standard)

2. BrainPop: Biographies

3. Writing Thesis Statement to Describe My Community Leader: click here
  • The thesis statement is the main point (or argument) of your biography.
  • To create a thesis statement for your biography:
    • look for patterns in the person's life
    • focus only on the most important events
    • what positive influence did your leader have on the community?
    • how would the world be different if your leader had never been born?
    • what adjectives describe him/her best?
    • how did his/her childhood shape the rest of his/her life?

4. Preview the Format of Your Biography:
  • Introduction: Introduce who your community leader is and basic information about him/her. You could begin with an interesting story, a quote from your interview, or a description of the person in his/her usual setting.
  • Background: Describe what events from the past (childhood, adolescence, early adulthood, or all of these) that influenced your community leader and how things from his/her background helped shape who he/she is today.
  • Today: Describe what your selected person currently does. You could describe his/her job, hobbies, and family. Focus on what is most significant--probably what he/she does that makes him/her a positive leader in the community.
  • Influence: Describe why your leader chooses to do what he/she does and how he/she influences or helps other people in the community. You could also explain how the community (or world) would be without this person, and/or what he/she will do in the future.
  • Conclusion: Summarize the most important points from your biography. Describe what your community leader's legacy will be (what he/she will be known for).

5. Read Mr. T's Exemplar Biography of Teresa Goines (from Old Skool Cafe): click here

6. Draft Your Biography on Google Drive
  • Title your document "The Biography of FirstName LastName by YourFirstName YourLastName"
    • Mr. T's example: The Biography of Teresa Goines by Bryan Twarek
  • If it is difficult for you to access the Internet at home, you may hand write your biography on lined paper.
  • Remember, your biography should be five paragraphs in length.

Finished early? Learn more about Teresa Goines & Old Skool Cafe:

Homework: Finish Biography (due tomorrow)

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