Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Characterization of Community Leaders

  • IWBAT identify internal and external traits of a character from his/her biography, in order to complete a character graphic organizer.
  • IWBAT brainstorm ideas for my Bayview Seedfolks memoir. 

If we write carefully, we can give an excellent idea of who a character is and what he/she is like, with very few words.
In your memoir, your job is to make your character come to life, to describe who he/she while telling his/her story.

1. Do Now: Identify Parts of Speech (seventh grade standard):

2. Bayview Seedfolks Project Overview and Timeline:
  • In Seedfolks, 13 diverse individuals tell their stories, and together, these stories create a larger story of how a vacant lot was turned into a thriving community garden.
  • We will select positive leaders in the Bayview community and tell their stories in our own version of Seedfolks.
    • These stories are not biographies. They are short memoirs that show who the character is by how he/she interacts with a larger plot. 
    • We will write these memoirs from the perspective of our community leaders.
    • When we compile our stories of these leaders, we will be able to tell a larger story and how each of the leaders played a role in the story.
  • During the last week of school, we will publish our book, and (hopefully!) each student will receive a copy of the finished product.
  • Timeline:
    • last week: interview a community leader
    • yesterday: write a biography of community leader
    • today: characterize a community leader, choose common ground, brainstorm ideas
    • Thursday-Friday: draft narrative
    • Monday: revise narratives
    • Tuesday: revise, edit, and publish - narratives due by end of day
    • Wednesday: publish books, reflect on growth

3. Determining Our Common Ground: In our book, we could tell the story of how we create a community garden, or we could tell a different story--from the different perspectives of our community leaders. What ideas do you have for the common ground of our story?

4. Characterization of Community Leaders:
  • About three different teammates will read your biography.
  • Your reviewers will complete and add to a characterization graphic organizer based on what you wrote in your biography.
  • Your reviewers will also give you feedback and ideas to use when writing your narrative.
  • View the classwork form: click here

5. Select Our Common Ground: Vote on your teammates' ideas for the common ground for our book

6. Brainstorm Ideas for Your Narrative

Homework: Final Draft of "Where I'm From" Poem

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