Thursday, May 2, 2013

Revising/Editing: A Testing Disaster (Narrative) - Part 3

1. IWBAT add more dialogue to my narrative, in order to show, not tell, characters' actions and feelings.
2. IWBAT edit my narrative for correct capitalization and punctuation of dialogue.

1. Do Now: capitalizing and punctuating direct dialogue:
2. BrainPop: Dialogue
  • Watch a BrainPop video about correctly writing dialogue.
  • Answer the quiz questions on Socrative.

3. Practice correctly writing dialogue: 
  • Open "Dialogue Practice" in the Writing Portfolio of your Google Drive 
  • Remember these rules:
    • start new paragraphs when a speaker changes
    • add quotation marks before and after a character's direct words
    • use a comma between the speech tag and the dialogue
    • place punctuation marks (commas, periods) inside the quotation marks
    • capitalize the first word of dialogue
    • do not capitalize the second part of interrupted dialogue
    • do not use quotation marks when describing a character’s inner thoughts

4. Revise & Edit for Dialogue:
  • Now reread your own narrative and find places where you could add dialogue in order to show, rather than tell. T
  • Use words besides say and said.
    • For a list of over 100 synonyms for said, go to this link
  • Remember, you can also use dialogue to add sounds or noises.
  • Edit for the capitalization and punctuation rules listed in Task #3.
    • Remember, each time a new character speaks, you need to begin a new paragraph (press Enter to skip to the next line and Tab to indent)
  • Remember, you are never finished revising! If you think you are done, keep going! If you think you are done again, still keep going. If you think you are done again again, then start revising for other skills. (Look for places to add details, take out things that are boring or unimportant, or work on your revision goals from the end of class yesterday).

5. Narrative Share: Read and comment on 2-3 different teammates' narratives. For each narrative, write at least 2 pieces of feedback: 1 positive (Something I loved...) and 1 constructive (Something you could improve...). Today, give targeted feedback regarding showing, not telling and dialogue.
  • Find links to your teammates' narratives here.
  • Remember, you can make comments by clicking Comment in the Insert menu, or you can just click Ctrl + Alt + M.

6. Show Off Your Dialogue Revising/Editing Skills: Click Here

Homework: Dialogue #2

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