Friday, May 3, 2013

Revising/Editing: A Testing Disaster (Narrative) - Part 4

1. IWBAT revise, edit, and publish my creative narrative about a testing disaster.
2. IWBAT demonstrate mastery of how to correctly capitalize and punctuate dialogue.

1. Do Now: Review for your quiz by completing the following activities (in any order):

2. Quiz #32: Capitalization and Punctuation of Dialogue

3. Revise Your Narrative
  • Use the ideas/organization revision checklist to set priorities for revision: directions here (Task #3)
  • Convert telling to showing to make the reader feel like he/she is there: directions here (Tasks #3 & #6)
  • Add more dialogue: directions here (Task #4)
  • Use synonyms for said: directions here (Task #4)
  • Edit dialogue for correct capitalization & punctuation: directions here (Task #3)
  • There is always more to do! Keep going, and you will continue to improve your writing!

4. Edit Your Dialogue:
    • Edit dialogue for correct capitalization & punctuation: directions here (Task #3)
    • Check for the following things: (and correct errors!)
      • you have capitalized the first word of each sentence
      • you have a punctuation mark at the end of each sentence
      • there is a space after each period and each comma
      • you have indented each paragraph using the TAB key
      • you have skipped to next line when starting a new paragraph
      • there are no misspelled words (no words with squiggly red line underneath)

    5. Narrative Share: Read and comment on 2-3 different teammates' narratives. For each narrative, write at least 2 pieces of feedback: 1 positive (Something I loved...) and 1 constructive (Something you could improve...).
    • Find links to your teammates' narratives here.
    • Remember, you can make comments by clicking Comment in the Insert menu, or you can just click Ctrl + Alt + M.
    • Make your feedback about our revision topics: adding dialogue, correct writing of dialogue, showing (not telling), or the revision checklist from Tuesday 

    6. TeenBiz3000: Complete today's activity on TeenBiz3000. If you finish early, complete other activities while staying on the TeenBiz website.

    Homework: Disney Dialogue

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