Friday, June 7, 2013

Sixth Grade Celebration of Learning

    • 89,000 minutes of instruction (189 days of school)
    • 1,200 more minutes of instruction on Saturdays
    • 720 homework assignments
    • 280 reading logs
We have a lot to celebrate!
  • We have each read about 507,810 words in class
  • Sixth graders have independently read 61,305,718 words in 3,212 books
  • 61% of sixth graders are now above grade level in reading ability
    (twice as high when compared to the start of the year!)
  • 92% of students met their reading MAP goals!
  • 89% of students met their language usage MAP goals!
  • 89% of students met their math MAP goals!

Watch our students describe what they learned
and their favorite memories from this school year:

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