Thursday, August 15, 2013

Echoing the Words of the Question

1. IWBAT complete a Google form.
2. IWBAT answer a question in complete sentences by echoing the words of the question.

Key Points:
1. In sixth grade, we ALWAYS write in complete sentences to help prepare us for challenging work in rigorous high schools and universities.
2. A complete sentence always contains both a subject (noun) and a predicate (verb).
3. An easy way to write a great complete sentence is to echo the words of the prompt: to use the same words from the question when writing the answer.

Today's Tasks:
1. Google Form: Complete the 6th grade orchestra application below. If you finish early, you may play the parts of speech review game from yesterday's lesson.

2. Echoing the Words of the Question: Track Mr. T as he explains how to write in complete sentences by echoing the words of the question:
  • In an echo, sounds are repeated.
  • In an echoed sentence, words from the question are repeated.
  • Echoing the words of the prompt is an excellent way to write complete sentence responses.

  • OK, Cool! Now, how do I do it?
    1. Remove who, what, where, when, why, how.
    2. Move the verb to the end.
    3. Change the words you and your to I and my.
    4. Answer the question with your response after the verb.
    5. Check to make sure the verb and subject agree. 
    6. Capitalize the first word, and add a period at the end.

3. Practice: Answer the following questions in complete sentences by echoing the words of the question. Your exit slip (assessment) is the last two questions.

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