Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Introduction to Chromebooks - Part 2

IWBAT meet all expectations and demonstrate correct procedures when using Chromebooks in class.

Key Points:
1. Technology is a tool, not a toy.
2. We use technology tools to help us learn both about English and how to prepare for college and careers.
3. Technology can help us think critically and be creative.


1. Review KBA's Chromebook usage agreement again.

2. Watch this video to learn how to properly handle a Chromebook when carrying to or from your desk:

3. When everyone in your table group is reading silently, Mr. T will dismiss your group to retrieve a Chromebook. Be sure to use two hands and follow the procedures you just learned.

4. Play this parts of speech review game.

5. Take a Chromebook tour with Mr. T.

6. Complete the 6th grade orchestra application below. If you finish early, you may continue playing the parts of speech review game in Task #4.

Homework: Paragraphs & Sentence Edits



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