Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Subjects and Predicates

1. IWBAT identify internal and external traits of Virgil from Seedfolks.
2. IWBAT identify subjects and predicates in sentences.
3. IWBAT write in complete sentences by echoing the words of the question.

Key Points:
1. A complete sentence has two parts: a subject and the predicate.
  • The subject is the doer, the person or thing (a noun) that does the action.
  • The predicate is the action that occurs in the sentence (a verb).
2. Generally, you can split a sentence into its subject and predicate parts by drawing a line just before the main verb (simple predicate).

1. Subject / Predicate Rags to Riches Game: mild / spicy!

2. Practice Together! Socrative

3. Independent Practice: 

4. Take your first quiz! Socrative

Homework: Subjects & Predicates / Subjects & Predicates Review / "Hard at Work" (TFK)

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