Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Draft Johnny's Last Letter

IWBAT draft a personal letter from Johnny to Ponyboy that describes my experience and gives advice.
  • Format: personal (friendly) letter
  • Audience: Ponyboy Curtin
  • Role: Johnny Cade
  • Topic: what I've learned & my advice for Ponyboy

1. Do Now: Your/You're Practice (please complete in order):

2. Create Document on Google Drive:
  1. Open Google Drive.
  2. Click Create. Select Document.
  3. Click Untitled Document in the upper left corner.
  4. Rename your document Johnny's Last Letter - by FirstName LastName. Click OK.
  5. Don't change the font or text size yet.

3. Draft Your Letter: Your requirements include:
  • I wrote in first-person narrative perspective, pretending to be Johnny (I = Johnny)
  • My writing is formatted as a personal (friendly) letter, to Ponyboy 
  • I have included the date and greeting at the top 
  • I have written three paragraphs (each with 5 or more sentences
    • First paragraph: introduction, catch-up/chit-chat, purpose of letter 
    • Second paragraph: summary of what has happened to you, how you are feeling 
    • Third paragraph: advice to Ponyboy 
  • I have included a salutation and closing at the end 
  • My sentences begin with capital letters and end with periods / question marks / exclamation points

4. Share Your Letter with Mr. T:
  1. In the upper left corner of your document, click Share.
  2. Next to People at who have the link can view, click Change.
  3. Next to Access: Anyone within, click Can view and select Can comment from the dropdown menu. Click Save.
  4. When the link to share is highlighted, press Ctrl + C to copy the link.
  5. Complete the form below, and use Ctrl + V to paste the link. 

Homework: Finish Rough Draft (on Google Drive!)

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