Thursday, October 17, 2013

Symbolism in Becoming Naomi Leon - Part 2

1. IWBAT identify and interpret symbols in Becoming Naomi Leon.
2. IWBAT compliment and critique my teammates' name vignettes.

1. Do Now: Capitalization Rule #7

2. Share Name Vignettes using this protocol
  • Finished Early? Read another teammates' name vignette and make 1-2 positive comments (One thing you did great was...) and 1 constructive comment (One thing you could improve is...)
3. Homework Check: My Own Symbol

4. Symbolism is the practice of representing ideas with images: giving deeper meaning to objects, events, and relationships.

5. Identify and interpret symbolism from Becoming Naomi Leon + Exit Slip
  • Finished Early? Examine the chapter titles in Becoming Naomi Leon. Each title is a collective noun, representing a group of animals. These animals represent, or symbolize, characters or events in the story. Pick a chapter in the book and carefully read the title. Then go back and reread parts of that chapter and determine why the chapter is titled as it is. If you figure it out, email Mr. T.
6. Read Chapter 9 in Becoming Naomi Leon (pp. 88-106)

Homework: Symbolism in The Outsiders

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