Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Symbolism in Becoming Naomi Leon

1. IWBAT compliment and critique my teammates' name vignettes.
2. IWBAT identify and interpret symbols in Becoming Naomi Leon.

1. Do Now: Capitalization Rule #6

2. Homework Check: Capitalization Review (Rules #1-5)

3. Quiz #5: Capitalization (Rules #1-5)

4. Share Name Vignettes using protocol

  • Finished Early? Read another teammates' name vignette and make 1-2 positive comments (One thing you did great was...) and 1 constructive comment (One thing you could improve is...)

5. Symbolism is the practice of representing ideas with images: giving deeper meaning to objects, events, and relationships.

6. Read Chapter 8 in Becoming Naomi Leon (pp. 75-87)

7. Identify and interpret symbolism from Becoming Naomi Leon

Homework: My Own Symbol

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