Friday, December 13, 2013

Holocaust Poetry: Part 2

Flowers and a Butterfly -- a painting by Dorit Weiser,
a girl in the Terezin (Theresienstadt) ghetto.
Weiser was born in 1932 and perished in 1944
in the Auschwitz camp.
IWBAT describe how Jewish children's experience in concentration camps influenced them, by analyzing poetry written by children living in the Czech concentration camp called Terezin or Thereseinstadt.


1. Do Now: compound sentences - part 3 (review!)

2. Homework Check: simple and compound sentences

3. Quiz 10: compound sentences - part 3

4. Read Night: pp. 66-76

5. Review: What was Terezin? (learn more here)

6. Read Poetry written by children at Terezin:

7. Analyze Poetry:

8. Complete Exit Slip

Homework: TFK Activity: "After the Storm"

Do you have an extra few minutes?
Practice your winter holiday vocabulary here!

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