Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Laogai - Part 1

IWBAT confirm or reject my prediction of what China's reeducation centers are.

1. Do Now: punctuation in compound sentences

2. Read a New York Times article that explains why two elderly women in China were sent to reeducation camps: Click Here

3. On Google Moderator, explain what you think a reeducation center is: Click Here.

4. Watch a video about reeducation centers in China. While you watch, think about whether or not your prediction of what a reeducation center is validated or not, and be prepared to explain what a reeducation center is.

5. Complete an exit ticket on Socrative (room number kba).
  • Explain what you learned today: What is a reeducation center?
  • Answer the question on the board: Why would the Chinese government send dissidents (people who oppose or disagree with the government) to reeducation centers?

HomeworkChu Ju's House analysis

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