Thursday, February 13, 2014

Draft Verdict Letter

1. IWBAT correctly align verbs with subjects that include prepositional phrases.
2. IWBAT evaluate evidence that supports whether Steve Harmon is guilty or innocent of felony murder, in order to plan my ideas for my writing project.
3. IWBAT compose a business letter, as the head juror, to the courtroom judge, in order to state and justify my verdict of Steve Harmon's felony murder trial in Monster by Walter Dean Myers.


1. Homework Check: Subject/Verb Agreement

2. Quiz 17: Subject/Verb Agreement with Prepositional Phrases -- on Socrative (room number: kba)

3. Read Monster: pp. 238-253 (1:58:26-2:13:26)

4. Review Prompt:

  • Format: business letter
  • Audience: the judge
  • Role: the head juror
  • Topic: whether Steve Harmon is innocent or guilty

5. Plan Ideas & Evidence
  • Introduction: state purpose of letter, make claim (judgment/verdict of case: innocent or guilty), and preview three key points
  • Body Paragraph #1: state and explain 1st key point / evidence
  • Body Paragraph #2: state and explain 2nd key point / evidence
  • Body Paragraph #3: state and explain 3rd key point / evidence
  • Conclusion: summarize your judgment and reasoning

6. Draft Your Verdict Letter:

Homework: finish 5-paragraph rough draft (due Tuesday!)

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