Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monster Discussion

1. IWBAT ensure that verbs agree with subjects that include prepositional phrases.
2. IWBAT cite evidence to support whether Steve Harmon is guilty or innocent of felony murder.
3. IWBAT support my claims with evidence from the text, in small group conversations.


1. Do Now: Subject/Verb Agreement with Prepositional Phrases
  • Review (just read) how to ensure verbs agree with their subjects:
    • A subject has to agree with its verb in number
      • Single subjects are followed by singular verbs
        • Normally, verbs that end in "s" are singular
        • If the subject does not end in "s," the verb ends in "s"
      • Plural subjects are followed by plural verbs
        • Normally, subjects that end in "s" are plural.
        • If the subject ends in "s," the verb does not end in "s"
    • When there is a prepositional phrase in the subject of a sentence, cross out or ignore the prepositional phrase when checking for subject/verb agreement
      • example: The strawberries in the field look ripe.
        • The prepositional phrase is "in the field"
        • The simple subject is strawberries. It ends in an "s," so it is plural.
        • The verb look must not end in "s" to agree with the plural subject.
  • Complete the practice activity on Socrative (room number: kba).
    • Finished early? Play Treasure Hunt to continue practicing: Click Here
    • Finished that early, too? Test your skillsClick Here

2. Homework Check"Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou
  • On Google Moderator, write what you think the theme of this poem is.
  • Then, vote on other students' responses by clicking the check (great!) or X (not so great).

3. Read Monster:

4. Discussion in Small Groups

Homework: Steve on Trial

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