Friday, February 21, 2014

The Verdict of Monster

1. IWBAT correctly align verbs with compound subjects.
2. IWBAT edit and publish my business letter, as the head juror, to the courtroom judge, in order to state and justify my verdict of Steve Harmon's felony murder trial in Monster by Walter Dean Myers.
3. IWBAT analyze conflicts, their resolutions, and themes in Monster.

1. Homework Check: subject/verb agreement (with compound subjects)

2. Quiz #18: subject/verb agreement (with compound subjects)

3. Edit, Publish, and Share Verdict Letter
Editing Checklist
  • Format matters. 
    • I have written in complete sentences. 
    • I have used academic vocabulary and tone. 
    • I have used formal names, like Mr. Harmon (not Steve) and Mr. Evans (not Bobo). 
    • I have checked for proper subject-verb agreement. 
    • I have skipped lines between parts and paragraphs. 
    • I have NOT intended all paragraphs (in a business letter). 
    • I have included the page number to cite all evidence:
      • example: Mr. T says, "Put words directly from the book in quotation marks, and be careful with punctuation marks!" (118).
  • Capitalization counts. 
    • I have capitalized the first word of each sentence. 
    • I have capitalized all proper nouns: specific people, places, things, and dates. 
  • Spell well. 
    • I have checked the spelling of difficult words or words that don’t look right. 
    • I have checked the spelling of all names
    • I have checked the spelling of all trial/courtroom vocabulary. 
    • I have used the correct form of there/their/they’re, to/two/too, and you’re/your
  • Punctuate correctly. 
    • I have used end punctuation (. ? !) correctly. 
    • I have used a colon after the salutation in a business letter. (Dear Judge Twarek:
    • I have used commas after items in a list and before conjunctions in a compound sentence. 
    • I have used apostrophes in contractions and to show possession.
    • I have added a space after each period and comma.

4. Read Monsterpp. 269-281 (audio starts at 2:25:25, ends at 2:31:32)

5. Analyze Conflicts, Resolutions, & Theme

Homework: "TFK Goes to Antarctica"

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