Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Researching Panem

AIM:  IWBAT research the historical meaning of Panem and explain how the name of this country is symbolic in The Hunger Games.

the seal of Panem
a map of Panem (the country formed from the remnants of North America)
1. Do Now: context clues review

2. Homework Check: colons and semicolons

3. Read Chapter 8: pp. 103-113 (audiobook part 1 -- 3:05:58 to 3:25:56)

4. Research the Meaning of Panem:
  • Part 1: Panem comes from a Latin phrase used in Ancient Rome. Search "Panem" on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Source A) to find out the full Latin phrase and what it translates to in English.
  • Part 2: Learn why the "bread and circuses" were important in Ancient Role using Source B, an article from PBS about the Plebians in Ancient Rome
  • Part 3: Learn more about what the "bread and circuses" were in Ancient Rome using Source C, an excerpt from a social studies textbook.
  • (optional) Part 4: Read an analysis of how The Hunger Games relates to Ancient Rome using Source D, a Britannica blog posting.

5. Show Off What You've Learned: Complete this form to demonstrate what you've learned in your research and from the book. (You will also need to reread a passage from The Hunger Games.)

6. Extend Your Learning: Don't stop there. You've got more learning to do! Select an option from the following menu:

Homework: Is It a Sentence?

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