Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transitions - Part 2

Aim: IWBAT use transitional words and phrases, in order to help the writing flow smoothly from one idea to another.

1. Do Now: Complete an interactive activity to practice adding transitions to writing: Click Here

2. Homework Checksecond page of your reference sheet from yesterday

3. Read The Hunger Games: Chapter 16 -- pp. 206-218 (audiobook part 2 -- 0:40:32 to 1:04:05)

4. Flocabulary VideoWatch the following music video and fill in thblanks with the lyrics you hear on your reference/classwork sheet.

5. ReviewReview the material from the reference sheet from yesterday's lesson:
  • transition is a change. It connects two things.
  • In writing, transitions help connect ideas so that the reader can better understand the ideas.
  • How to add transitions:
    1. Decide what relationship that information has to what you’ve already written.
    2. Choose the appropriate transition and add it to the beginning of the new information you’re adding to your essay.
    3. Read the information you’re adding to the essay (or piece of writing).

6. Additional Transitional Words/PhrasesOn your new reference/classwork sheetread through the new, more complete list of transitions, and fill in the missing parts (symbols) of the table.

7. PracticePractice adding transitions and writing with transitions, on Socrative.
  • Quick Check for Understanding
  • Space Race (to review yesterday's lesson)
  • Add an appropriate transition word or phrase
  • Write using transitions

6. Gallery Walk: You will move about the room to view some multiple-choice transitions questions and answer them on the backside of your reference/classwork sheetWhen you are finished, you may score your work using GradeCam on Mr. T's computer.

7. Exit SlipYour final activity today is to complete an exit slip on Socrative, to demonstrate your mastery of today's aim. You will answer 5 multiple-choice and constructed response questions.

If you finish early, read a book silently, complete today's activity on TeenBiz3000, or continue practicing with today's do now activity (Task #1).

Homework: Transitions Practice

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