Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Transitions - Part 3

IWBAT use transition words and phrases, in order to help writing flow more smoothly from one idea to another.

1. Do Now: Complete the following self-directed practice exercises to review transition words and phrases. You should move on to the next activity when you feel ready. Please use your time effectively to practice and prepare for your quiz tomorrow.
  • A: Read through this slideshow presentation on transitions to review what you've learned:

  • B: Play a drag and drop matching game: Click Here
  • C: Take a transition words practice test: Click Here
  • D: Complete cause and effect transitions practice exercises: Click Here
  • E: If you need more help, view a different reference sheet: Click Here 

2. Homework Check: Around the World: England (TFK)

3. Read The Hunger Games: Chapter 17 -- pp. 219-229 (audiobook part 2 -- 1:04:05 to 1:24:02)

Homework: My Letter to Mr. T

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