Thursday, April 10, 2014

Symbolism in The Hunger Games

IWBAT analyze the deeper meaning of symbols from The Hunger Games.

1. Do Now (10 min) -- finish the activity due today (4/10/14)

2. Homework Check (5 min)gallery walk to share work

3. Read The Hunger Games: Chapter 26 (25 min)-- pp. 340-352 (audiobook part 2 -- 4:48:15 to 5:12:52)

4. Student-Directed Discussion (5 min): Should the Capitol be angry with Katniss?
  • we actively listen to our teammates (use silent signals, try to understand, no side conversations)
  • we build on each other's comments (not just state our own opinions)
  • we monitor our own air time (step up, step back)
  • we direct the discussion, without the teacher (no raising hands, only one at a time)
  • we help teammates enter the conversation (I'd love to hear from ____)

5. Analyzing Symbolism (35 min): Complete your classwork here. (Do your best work!)
  • Symbolism is representing complex ideas with symbols (could be words or images).

Homework: Do Cents Make Sense? (TFK Debate) -- write 1-2 thoughtful paragraphs in which you defend your argument of whether the U.S. should keep pennies or not (with several pieces of evidence)

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