Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Major Greek Gods and Goddesses - Part 1

IWBAT list and describe characteristics of the major Greek gods and goddesses.

1. Homework Check (5 minutes)review answers to "The Legend of Perseus - Part 2"
  • view accompanying text here

2. Read The Lightning Thief (30 minutes):
Chapter 6: "I become supreme lord of the bathroom" -- pp. 75-92
(audiobook: Part 2, 48:06 to end AND Part 3, 00:00 to 04:02)

3. Quill.org (10 minutes): complete the lesson that is due today, April 29th

4. The Major Greek Gods & Goddesses:

5. Research Characteristics of Major Gods: Use Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Ultimate Guide (pages 64-83) to research the major Greek gods and goddesses and record your learning on this graphic organizer

Homework: Poetry Analysis: "Bird of Dreams"

Bird of Dreams 

1 At night in dream I travel from my bed.
2 On wing of light I soar across vast skies
3 Where colors swirl and dance, and mingle and soar,
4 To far beyond the veil, where Phoenix flies.

5 The Phoenix is a wondrous bird of dreams.
6 Each five hundred years she builds a nest,
7 Piling feathers, branches, twigs, and leaves—
8 Now will she lay her eggs and sit to rest?

9 But no! The Phoenix strikes a blazing spark
10 And sets her cozy nesting place afire!
11 She dives in flight into the dancing flames!
12 Why does she go into the flaming pyre?

13 There is no need to weep, for all is well.
14 For her the pyre’s fiery heat and flame
15 Burn away the years. She is reborn!
16 Her radiant, shining youth she doth reclaim.

17 The pyre burns down to ash, and all is still.
18 And from the ashen pile, her eyes alight,
19 The Phoenix rises up into the sky,
20 Renewed, with feathers luminous and bright!

21 And so this night, perchance my dreams will go
22 With wondrous Phoenix rising in the sky,
23 To soar among the planets and the stars,

24 Deep in the night to fly and fly and fly!

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